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As you know, in the world of branding it’s important to have a strong, memorable company name. Whether the name be inspired by your family or a loved one, or simply by a street sign you passed on the way to the grocery store, selecting a brand name is often the hardest part of creating a company. Here at DRIVEN 360, we often get asked what the origins of our company name is, and today Mike Caudill, president and founder of DRIVEN 360, is bringing you behind-the-curtain to show you where the real inspiration for DRIVEN came from.

“When I first started dabbling with the idea to start my own public relations agency, I knew one thing was for certain: my company name would not be inspired by my first or last names. But the rest was up for grabs. Contrary to popular belief, the name DRIVEN has nothing to do with cars or the automotive industry. Although much of our original client business was automotive in nature, the name DRIVEN came before the company was ever conceived.

In 2003, I was working for a local Orange County boutique public relations agency when an old auto buddy wanted to run his race strategy by me. I went to meet with him after work one night and spent an hour or so talking strategy. At one point during our chat, the extra cup of afternoon coffee I had was started to kick in and my wheels began turning. It was like a switch flipped and I began spewing out strategy, direction and actionable items that would get him through the race and beyond. My friend turned to me, eyes wide, and said, “My goodness…you are driven, man!” And to make a long story short, that is how the name DRIVEN came to be.

DRIVEN is about the passion behind all that we do as an agency and as individuals. For me, it’s doing what’s right, doing what the client needs, and just getting it done.

As the capabilities of our team have changed and evolved, our company name and logos have transitioned as well. We started as DRIVEN Media Communications, changed to DRIVEN Public Relations and finally rested on DRIVEN360, or D360 for short. D360 has become the perfect fit in so many ways for us. As an integrated marketing agency, we now have divisions that span multiple categories and services, ultimately offering a full circle of expertise for our clients.

In two years, D360 will be 20 years old. This agency has always been the little guy that cleans up after the big agencies fail to follow through. We take so much pride in our work and it’s representative by the clients we’ve serviced over the years, and the satisfaction our strategies bring to companies both big and small.

Our logo has gone through several iterations (as you can see above), and we are extremely proud of our brand and current logo.

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