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Executive Media Training & Media Spokesperson Training

Senior leaders are 'brands' on their own. Delivering Strategic Communication When it Matters Most

Founded by international broadcast media personality and media trainer Mike Caudill, DRIVEN is a modern public relations firm that prepares your senior executives, spokespeople, and other company representatives with one of the most intense and comprehensive media training and crisis communications training programs available anywhere. With over 50 years of experience, our executive media training program for your corporate communication needs is ready to take your team to a new level.

DRIVEN's deep experience in executive communications ensures that those personal brands are protected, elevated, and optimized for audiences inside and outside of your organization. We understand the media landscape and can not only sharpen your presentation skills but show you how to meet your audience right where they are with concise and proper message development. 

Right Message, Right Time

Your ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right way will always be our goal. When a media interview is scheduled, we will show you how to get your key message delivered to your audience every time.

 Communication Skills & Bridging

We understand that it takes training and skill to prepare even the best and most seasoned senior executive for a moment in the spotlight.  Therefore, we will hone in on your strengths and elevate your weaknesses.  In addition, through mock interviews, communication skills & bridging can be addressed to get you ready for the tough questions, keeping you on task and on point.

Confidence in Crisis

We will spend time showing you how to express confidence and resolve by using proper body language. Through presentation training, public speaking, and media training, you will have the tools you need to offer up the sound bites your brand needs and show leadership in any crisis situation. 

Whether serving as high-level strategic counsel - or delivering on speech writing, ghostwriting presentation writing/preparation, and more - our team's collective history in handling C-Level executives inside of Fortune 500 companies and startups alike makes for an invaluable asset.

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  • Executive Profiles
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