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The Globe is our race track.

Just like DRIVEN360, the automotive industry has been around the track a few times. There is a perception within public relations agencies, specifically those geared towards automotive PR, that traditional marketing methods will not reach a new generation of drivers. DRIVEN360 understands customer behavior; we've had years of expertise continually adjusting to recent trends and evolving markets. Bridging the gap between this generation and the next generation is right in our wheelhouse. We recognize the difficulty and have your solutions even if you are in advanced automotive technologies, autonomous and connected vehicle technology, electric, or green tech automotive sectors.

Also, DRIVEN's automotive media competence is unique, with team members with long OEM histories and DRIVEN having brought ultra-secret car brands from stealth mode to worldwide notoriety in mere hours. Take, for example, the Renovo Coupe, essentially a CSX9000 powered by twin sequential axial-flux electric motors muscle car, taking the electric vehicles market by storm. Watch the exciting video below.  

It's not simply that DRIVEN has long-standing partnerships with every major automotive newspaper in the world. Because we're part of the media, we have our roots deep in the media relations supply chain. Founded by Mike Caudill (Fox News, Fox Sports, and other top-tier media outlets), an automotive expert and high-profile media personality, the DRIVEN team offers a unique and profound effect in automotive public relations that only active members of the automotive press can deliver. 

We recognize our place in the automotive industry as more than just another PR agency pushing press releases. With our years of experience in automotive media relations, marketing communications, social media, and, most notably, our influential presence in the automotive market, we can accomplish things that other PR firms or influencers just cannot.

The automotive sector requires heightened brand awareness, media relation connections, and history in the industry that can deliver the results you need. 

Our Automotive public relations services include: