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SENA Bluetooth


SENA Bluetooth


Sena Bluetooth, a technology company from Korea that manufactures Bluetooth audio devices, entered the North American market with a dream of playing within the two-wheel powersports/motorsports industry. The company, heavily focused on product marketing and technology specs upon arrival, was virtually unknown before engaging DRIVEN360.

With the complicated challenge of convincing engineering-focused leadership in Korea to evolve the brand into an emotionally-connective lifestyle brand for the western market, DRIVEN360 helped the company eventually rally around its #RideConnected integrated brand strategy. Fast forward to today: Sena is the undisputed preferred marque for everyone from the everyday enthusiast to globally renowned riders/athletes and adventure influencers on two wheels.

  • Transformed a strictly technology and product focused strategy into a favorite brand in powersports and two-wheel motorsports

  • Introduced and connected brand to an American audience through 360 marketing, public relations, entertainment and sports activations

DRIVEN360's Expertise

Integrated Brand Marketing


Media Outreach

Strategic Messaging

Measurement and Impact

In just two years, the brand leaped to No. 1 in its market segment within the powersports industry – rallying around the #RideConnected slogan, which it now commands globally with a vibrant family of brand ambassadors.

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