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S2A Modular


S2A Modular


S2A Modular, a company founded on the concept of revolutionizing the housing industry through the combination of modular construction and groundbreaking smart home features utilizing renewable energy, came to DRIVEN360 with a bold business model. Using state-of-the-art technologies, modular homes could be assembled faster than ever. The S2A Modular factory is powered by an industrial-size rechargeable battery by Tesla called a Megapack. Through building materials, renewable energy processes and state-of-the-art technology, the S2A Modular Mega Factory and mission are shaking up the way we build.

Brand Identity + PR Efforts

DRIVEN360 developed S2A Modular’s overall brand identity, as well as charted a path to build momentum within the media while they continued to gain funding from new investors. The DRIVEN360 team helped build out S2A’s first modular factory called the MegaFactory, a phrase coined by DRIVEN360. Through several branding exercises, utilizing core concepts and recognizing various differentiators, our team was able to develop the #GreenLuxHome hashtag which acted as a foundation for encompassing brand elements. Tying together elements such as smart home construction, sustainable energy, renewable energy, healthy living and other concepts, the DRIVEN360 team was able to come up with a differentiation strategy that took S2A to the top of their field.

The DRIVEN 360 team also helped S2A with their growth in the form of new MegaFactories. Our team helped to support the launch of two different MegaFactories in Texas and Florida which included involvement with local Chambers of Commerce, economic development corporations, local governments, and other dignitaries. We held two different groundbreaking ceremonies that were both covered by local news.


Through a whiteboard branding exercise, DRIVEN360 conceptualized the #GreenLuxHome hashtag, encapsulating its core values. The "green" part symbolizes their commitment to sustainable energy and building materials, while "lux" represents the luxurious features incorporated in their homes. The term "home" highlights their primary focus on creating lavish modular homes, although they also build commercial structures. The #GreenLuxHome hashtag quickly gained traction on social media, becoming the foundation of their endeavors, including the establishment of S2AModular's real estate brokerage firm, GreenLux Properties.

DRIVEN360's Expertise

Foundational Public Relations

Brand Development

Strategic Messaging


Media Outreach

Social Media Strategy & Management

Website Management

Measurement and Impact

The team successfully got S2A Modular leadership on very key interviews with significant publications including Yahoo, Forbes, Teslarati, Builder Magazine and more.

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