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Renovo Motors

Electric Super Breaks Out of Stealth Mode

Renovo Motors


The world had no idea what was coming. In ‘stealth mode’ for several years as proprietary electric supercar technology was being developed, Renovo Motors maintained absolute silence…until a hot August at the famed Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, CA.

Through a planned social tease with prominent automotive digital outlet, Jalopnik, the evening before the official launch – the quickest all-electric American supercar took the world by storm in a mere 48 hours. With one-on-one interviews at an exclusive location – the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg, Yahoo Autos, Automotive News, Chicago Tribune and more prominent outlets kicked off a whirlwind of 113 feature stories in less than a week – with 60 international media outlets covering the brand’s iconic Coupe vehicle.

With every famous automotive media outlet – from Top Gearto Jay Leno’s Garage – buzzing about the Silicon Valley’s innovator and groundbreaking technology, Renovo’s buzz continued right into the Consumer Electronic Show – where a cross-marketing strategy with technology icon, Nvidia, saw the brand named as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Brands” at CES across social media (along with 62 feature stories).

  • The DRIVEN360 team led branding/brand elevation strategy and counsel, guiding creation of Renovo's tagline #DriveTheRevolution

  • Focused automotive and technology public relations outreach delivered endemic and non-endemic mass media coverage - lifestlye, automotive, consumer technology, connceted car and autonomous vehicle storylines

  • Prominent publications covered Renovo's launch: USA Today, PC World, Maxim, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Jalopnik, Engadget, CENT, BBC, Top Gear, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg

  • For launch, the team led integrated social strategy

  • As Renovo transitioned into an integrated technology provider – focusing on delivering electric supercar performance technology for partners – the team introduced and opened high-level business discussions with prominent vehicle manufacturers

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