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Paris Air Show

EVTOL Pioneer MagLev Aero Emerges from Stealth

Paris Air Show


DRIVEN360 was tapped to help bring the aerospace startup out of stealth and introduce its breakthrough propulson platform to the world at the Paris Air Show. The team crafted strategic messaging and product positioning in an exclusive piece with Aviation Week ahead of the Paris Air Show premiere. Momentum from the show and news coverage surged interest in the MagLev Aero system - based on magnetic levitation (maglev) technology, proming quieter, more efficient, and safer eVTOL designs - which the company is leveraging in talks with additional major aerospace OEMs, technology investors and industry leaders.

DRIVEN360's Expertise

Public Relations

Brand Positioning Strategy

Strategic Communications

Measurement and Impact

Proactive media relations resulted in DRIVEN360 generating over 150 media placements and launched the company from stealth with significant buzz going into future fundrasing rounds. In total, the efforts earned 229M impressions.