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Nexen Hero Progam

Cause Marketing Campaign Supporting the Purple Heart Foundation

Nexen Hero Progam


Nexen Tire America wanted to be a part of unique integrated marketing campaign that would allow the company to show its commitment to give back to a deserving organization through a cause-marketing philanthropic endeavor. This required DRIVEN360 to be creative and bold and develop a way to show consumers the emotional side of a brand and their passion to help others. They didn't want a PR stunt or one-off program, instead they wanted something that could be sustained for several years. 

Working with Nexen’s creative agency, Ignite Design and Advertising, we developed a campaign that partnered Nexen with the Purple Heart Foundation. Titled the Nexen Hero campaign, it ran over the course of three years and allowed the company to raise awareness of the Purple Heart Foundation and its mission to help combat wounded veterans across the nation. 

The program had two goals – to raise money for the Purple Heart Foundation, and to present hand-selected Purple Heart veterans with a customized vehicle built by a renowned fabricator. Submissions were made by family and friends through a special website. The first two iterations of the program were limited to Purple Heart recipients, but the last iteration included all veterans allowing Nexen Tire to reach a much wider audience. Over the course of the three-year program, Nexen presented a Dodge Challenger SRT, a Jeep Gladiator and a Jeep Rubicon, all customized with special Purple Heart branding with donated aftermarket parts, to three very deserving Purple Heart recipients.  

The program received thousands of submissions that were carefully reviewed and narrowed down to finalists. Winners were selected through merit, taking into consideration what they have done during their time in active service and how they are impacting their community at home. 

DRIVEN360 team leveraged foundational media outreach tactics to secure earned media placements across all mediums to help build awareness for the program and Nexen Tire brand.   

The Results

The program was a huge success because of its impact to the Purple Heart Foundation, and Nexen Tire was recognized nationally for its commitment to giving back to an amazing organization.  

Across all three Nexen Hero campaigns the team secured a total of 659 articles, reached a national audience of 7.7M viewers through several live broadcast segments, and had an online reach of 200+ million impressions. To measure an increase in brand awareness, Nexen Tire contracted a third-party service to survey a specific region and the service reported an increase in brand awareness of nearly 15%, exceeding the expectations of the executive team. Tire sales also saw an increase in sales during and after the program showing the client a direct ROI for their investment into the program.  

DRIVEN360'S Expertise

Foundational PR

Media Outreach

Strategic Messaging

Media Tour

Measurement and Impact: Results of All Three Nexen Hero Campaigns

659 Articles

7.7M National Broadcast Viewers

200+M Online Impressions

97M Social Media Impressions

15% Increase in Brand Awareness (based on third-party survey data)

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