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National Media Tour & PR Stunt

99 Million Views on Facebook

National Media Tour & PR Stunt


As LINE-X's integrated brand marketing partner, DRIVEN360 worked for more than a year in guiding the brand's evolution from a niche spray-on truck bedliner product into a more emotionally-connective lifestyle brand. Part of the evolution was to build the brand's personality and voice - hammering home on the LINE-X product's versatile, scientifically advanced and near-'unbreakable' properties.

The LINE-X brand engaged in a hybrid media tour/stunt across New York City - focusing on its bold new brand personality/evolution, while leveraging its 'indestructible' reputation. With real science backing the product, combined with its wide usage on extreme missions like protecting the Pentagon from bomb blasts, LINE-X brought everyday objects coated in LINE-X for media to try and destroy on camera. In addition, a highly customized Jeep with its exterior 'armored' with LINE-X coating, was paraded to media outlets to further demonstrate incredible impact resistance.

  • More than 99 million unique Facebook video views on Tech Insider's Facebook Page

  • More than 15 minutes (three segments) of live broadcast and online coverage on Fox News: Fox and Friends

  • Live broadcast coverage on Fox Business' Varney and Co.

  • New York Daily News coverage and social media videos

  • Huffington Post coverage

  • Field and Stream coverage

  • The Daily Beast coverage

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