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Autonomous Mobility Transport Deployment

Developed and Executed Autonomous Shuttle Deployment Integrated PR Plan

Autonomous Mobility Transport Deployment


Beep, a company offering fully managed mobility solutions as a service, provides first- and last-mile solutions to communities, campuses and transit agencies all over the nation. From conceptualization to launch, Beep takes charge of the entire process, meticulously planning efficient routes, obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, fulfilling all community requirements, and overseeing end-to-end service to ensure secure and dependable mobility implementations.

Since coming to DRIVEN360 in April of 2021, our team has helped Beep to launch deployments from California, to North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Yellowstone National Park, and more! Beyond supporting each deployment, DRIVEN360 has aided Beep in establishing brand messaging and social media pages, playing a significant role in the success story that is Beep.

When Beep launched its autonomous shuttle route in Atlanta, Georgia in partnership with the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) – one of many deployments executed and planned over multiple years – DRIVEN360 developed a comprehensive deployment plan and media strategy that incorporated messaging, social media and business development efforts. Our approach leveraged growing interest in smart city and integrated technologies that are revolutionizing transportation choices, providing improved connectivity, multi-passenger and electric autonomous mobility solutions, as well as sustainability and convenience for the business community, residents and visitors in the Atlanta and everywhere Beep shuttle are deployed.

Our team of PR and Social Media professionals at DRIVEN360 was able to elevate Beep’s shuttle deployment program through:

  • Media strategy and messaging

  • Media and analyst outreach

  • Social media strategy and management

  • Business development / identified and connected with new stakeholders

  • Onsite launch support – press conference and live broadcast hits

We rooted brand storytelling on the positive impact Beep can offer communities through their state-of-the-art autonomous mobility technology.

DRIVEN360'S Expertise

Media Strategy

Strategic Messaging

Media & Analyst Outreach

Social Media Strategy & Management

Business Development

Onsite Event Support

Press Conference

Measurement and Impact

DRIVEN360 has helped the project reach 180 pieces of coverage in counting, including 30 broadcast hits, with a total PR value of almost 6 million. These numbers will continue to grow as the project continues through March 2024.

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