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Film, TV, and Digital Product Placement and Integration

Film | TV | Digital Product Integration

Imagine your brand on the big screen (and all screens). We make it a reality.

DRIVEN builds awareness and loyalty for your brand through relationships on every level across the entertainment industry: Television, film, producers, directors, writers, every major film/TV studio in Hollywood, major talent agencies (CAA, ICM, WME, Paradigm) and beyond. In today's pop culture, your brand will earn relevance with those who shape public opinion and brand consideration.

  • Traditional Product Placement: Driven by relationships with below-the-line influencers, such as transportation coordinators, craft service, prop masters, set decorators and make-up artists. Traditional placement creates realism on set and is a resource for producers to offset production budgets.
  • Product and Script Integration: Paid integration of a product organically in the storyline of the film/tv/digital property - negotiated with production companies, networks or studios according to brand strategy and business objectives.
  • Extended: Product placement that's tied to 360 integrated marketing campaigns, which may include themed advertising, in-store promotions, social/digital, events and more.
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