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Celebrity Outreach | High-Profile Spokesperson Marketing Strategy

The power of influencer outreach makes your brand come alive.

There are few ways to raise brand awareness across your target demographic more effectively than a high-profile personality organically rocking your product. Nowadays, celebrity collaborations are essential to a successful social media presence for your product. In addition, influencer marketing provides relatability and an organic consumer need for your brand- giving actual initiatives for buyers wanting to run to the store and purchase what you’re pitching. DRIVEN can secure these essential partnerships with our team members’ outreach efforts. We start by consulting with their far-reaching network across the entertainment industry to find the right faces to represent your brand according to each brand’s specific community outreach framework.

From there, influencer programs (or 360 multiplatform marketing campaigns) are created for maximum impact across multiple audiences. The result: Your business builds brand equity faster with talent influencing public opinion across relevant consumer groups.

Full-Time Micro-Influencers, Bloggers, Tik-Tok Personalities, and Celebrity Influencers have a wide range of followers that fit a specific niche. So whatever product you want to advertise, DRIVEN can help you collaborate with a celeb with that target audience.

  • Entertainment Marketing - Connecting with consumers in your target market through their everyday passions is simply priceless. As industry insiders across the entertainment and sports industries, we build brand/product awareness, consideration, and loyalty while giving your company an entry point into pop culture and subculture relevance.
  • Film | TV | Digital Product Placement and Integration - Imagine your brand on the big screen… and ALL screens. We make it a reality. DRIVEN builds awareness and loyalty for your brand through relationships on every level across the entertainment industry. In today's pop culture, your brand will earn relevance with those who shape public opinion and brand consideration.
  • Public Relations - DRIVEN’s Integrated Brand Marketing team cuts through the market clutter with disruptive and impactful integrated brand marketing. We leverage years of communication consulting and strategy to deliver bold and impactful results.
  • Sports Marketing | Motorsports Marketing - The DRIVEN brand marketers' deep network and vast experience as a premier motorsports marketing agency worldwide are within your reach. We match your target demographic to the correct mark and strategically build impactful multiplatform marketing campaigns.
  • 360 Integrated Campaign Creation - DRIVEN's full-service plan shapes, negotiates, and manages multiplatform campaigns to maximize your return.
  • Entertainment Events - Our marketing expert promoters catapult your brand into pop culture and mainstream social media relevance with the influence of entertainment events.